How do I sell my house using a lawyer and not an estate agent?

How do I sell my house using a lawyer and not an estate agent?
Darius Hawthorne / Jul, 31 2023 / Real Estate Advice

Switching Up the Sale: Why Use a Lawyer?

Selling a house is not a small endeavour. It's like deciding to climb Mount Everest or choosing to have a fifth slice of pizza even when you're already full - it's that kind of serious. So, naturally, the first thing that springs to mind is to stick with the traditional methods, which involve a real estate agent. It's all they do. They eat, sleep, and breathe real estate. They can probably differentiate between eggshell and ivory paint colours with their eyes closed. But hold onto your thinking cap, cause I've got a twist waiting for you. Lawyers can also help you sell your house. What's that? A shocked gasp? My imaginary audience is always so interactive. Give them a peanut butter cookie, will ya, Hazel?

Unveiling the Legal Helm: Selling Your House with a Lawyer

That's right. Your lawyer can help you orchestrate the whole house-selling shebang! You might be blinking right now, rubbing the disbelief out of your eyes, because the idea is just as eye-opening as the time I discovered there are more than 20,000 species of bees. But much like the bee revelation, using a lawyer to sell your house, my dear friend, is not a fantasy, but a reality. For the curious minds out there, let me give you an insider's perspective on how to pull this off. A bit of disclosure here: I am neither a lawyer nor someone who’s sold a zillion houses. But I, Darius, have done this once and am here to share my seriously exhilarating experience. Ready? Let's dive in!

Step 1: Hiring the Right Lawyer

Just like anything in life, whether it's choosing the perfect avocado or finding a dentist you can trust not to turn your dentist visits into a horror flick, finding the right lawyer to lead the charge is paramount. I mean, you wouldn’t put your trust in just anyone to trim your overgrown hedge shaped like Godzilla (an actual Japanese terror), would you? For me, choosing a lawyer felt more intimidating than a boxing match with a Kangaroo. Joking. I wouldn't punch a Kangaroo. I adore them.

What you need is a lawyer with a robust understanding of property and conveyancing laws. Someone who can crack the code of contracts faster than you can google 'how to fold a fitted sheet.' The goal is to find a lawyer who speaks fluent 'real estate.' They should be able to guide you, offer insights on market trends, and be a whizz at negotiating. Remember, lawyers are used to arguing things down to the smallest detail. An added bonus, if you fancy a spot of arguing yourself, you'll finally meet your match!

Step 2: The Beauty of Legal Documents

Next in line is paperwork. Much like the never-ending stream of cups that appear in my sink (seriously, Hazel, how many cups of tea can one person drink in a day?), documentation for selling a house seems relentless. Don’t get me wrong, I love wood – I have a profound respect for trees and hate seeing them sacrificed for mountains of paperwork. But your lawyer, bless their cotton socks, will have all your bases covered. From title deeds and sale agreements to disclosures and affidavits, they’ll take care of it all. And the best part? No endless sharpie-sniffing while you hopelessly direct strangers around your house, pretending you know all about the local schools and amenities.

Step 3: Unpacking all those Complex Terms

Unless you have has a secret proclivity for legal jargon ('cause who doesn’t love a good ‘heretofore’ and ‘aforementioned’ in casual conversation?), chances are you'll need your legal eagle to decode the labyrinthine language of contracts and agreements. Consider them your personal linguistic Sherlock Holmes. While real estate agents are indeed capable of explaining contracts, a lawyer will ensure every "T" has been crossed and every "i" dotted. They'll break down the complex terms and their implications, ensuring you understand the commit-phobia inducing contracts. Remember, knowledge is power, and when it comes to selling, a bit of power goes a long way.

Step 4: The Negotiating Gladiators

Picture this: you're in ancient Rome about to face off in the gladiatorial arena (known to us 'modern folks' as negotiation). Is there anyone else you'd want in your corner other than a lawyer? They are trained to argue. Ever tried arguing with one? Trust me, by the time you're done, you'd wish you'd decided to wrestle a saltwater crocodile instead. But when they're on your side - oh boy, it’s like having the Incredible Hulk helping you move furniture (a dream I have once every blue moon).

When it comes to setting the price or negotiating terms with an all-too-eager buyer, skip the premade coffee, go straight for the espresso, and let your lawyer tackle the challenge. It’s what they do best, and let’s be honest, we all love to see a lawyer in action, don’t we?

Conclusion - Your House, Your Sale

In conclusion, moving away from the norm and selling your house via a lawyer instead of a real estate agent might seem like swapping your favourite chocolate cake for a fruit salad (also a delightful treat, but not exactly the same). Nonetheless, it can be a smart move. By the time you're done, you’ll be so familiar with your deed of sale you’ll want to send it a Christmas card. So next time you're planning to put your house up for sale, just remember: you're holding the keys to the ignition, and it's entirely up to you to decide which track you wish to follow. Be it the well-trodden path of agents or the off-beaten track of lawyers, remember – just keep steering, and you’ll get to your destination.